Man down

Tom is a fifty-seven-year-old man living in Dallas, Georgia. He describes himself as “just a dumb old country boy from Kentucky.” He is introduced at his favorite Tex-Mex joint, where he has just ordered his usual. “Jumbo Texas margarita with a lime and two orange slices,” he explains, grinning. Tom, who wears “a lot of jorts,” is unbelievably good-natured. His favorite thing to do is to come home, fix himself a redneck margarita (7up + tequila), and sit outside on the back step of his small apartment, smoking a cigarette and watching TV through the open door. He is not a classic schlub; he is clever, jolly, and winsome. He cups his shame in his hands, like a baby bird he rescued from the sidewalk. He never wants to be a bother. “I’m butt-ugly,” he tells the camera sunnily. “You might make me look a little better, but you can’t fix ugly.”

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