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There is nothing I love writing about more than TV. (Perhaps you know this. At very least you probably know me from this.) From a critic’s point of view, television shows are the perfect smol objects: little pocket worlds, dense with meaning, but just big enough to do a pirouette on before jetéing away to the next thing. At the same time, there so much TV out there these days, and holstering a nuanced opinion of every latest hit will have your belt sagging in no time.

Hence Paper View. I watch TV, so you don’t have to. You pay me, so I can get D movie–style cosmetic surgeries rendering me unrecognizable.

For the spoiler-wary: I feel you. Every letter comes with spoiler alerts for all shows discussed therein (whether they’re the main topic or not).

How much does it cost?

$5 a month, or $50 for a whole year (which comes out to a little more than $4/mo). The bulk of the proceeds go straight into my surgery fund, because if you hate your body but you aren’t willing to sink thousands of dollars into risky and invasive surgeries, who are you even. If $5 is prohibitively expensive, but you’re still really eager to know what I thought of Buffy season 6, email me at paperviewletter@gmail.com and we’ll figure something out. But if you can pay for it, please do! Did you know that hip augmentation surgery is a thing?

What do I get when I subscribe?

Free signups get one letter on the last Monday of every month. Paying subscribers additionally get a weekly letter every Monday (*fingers crossed emoji*), plus extras (previews, bits of my book manuscript, ruminations on my life lol) on an ad hoc basis. Probs I’ll tell you when I get butt lifts.

Can I forward the emails?

With free letters, yes! Sow the earth with them. With subscriber-only emails, kindly exercise your own judgment. This face isn’t going to pay for itself, bruh.

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